•    Labor and Employment Law

    Labor and employment law is the body of laws and administrative rules that address the legal rights of, and restrictions on, workers and their employers.  It mediates many aspects of the relationship between employees, employers and, in many cases, trade unions.  It creates a system of redress for workers who are not paid wages or are paid less than they were entitled to, including unpaid overtime. Labor and employment law also restricts what employers can do when screening candidates for hire, and requires employers to maintain a safe work environment for their employees.


    Our attorneys represent both individual employees and labor unions in a broad range of labor and employment matters, including:


       Wrongful termination

       Unlawful discrimination or harassment

       Wage and hour disputes

       Non-compete covenants, confidentiality agreements, etc.

       Employment contract negotiation and drafting

       Severance agreements


    The attorneys at Lloyd Patel LLP have extensive experience representing individuals who have grievances with their employers and getting them the compensation they deserve. Our dedicated, individualized approach is engineered towards winning our clients’ trust and focusing the necessary energy and resources on achieving our clients’ goals.


  •    Tort and Personal Injury

    Tort and Personal injury law recognizes the right of individuals to be free from harms caused by others, and allows those who suffer an injury to seek civil remedies from the person responsible for causing the harm. Most commonly, the remedy comes in the form of monetary compensation, but injured parties may also get an injunction, which prevents the defendant from doing something, or the court may order one of the parties to take a particular action if the court deems it appropriate. Torts generally fall into three categories: intentional torts, negligent torts, and strict liability torts. An example of an intentional tort would be one person purposefully hitting another person. A negligent tort occurs when a person does not mean to harm another, but does so through unreasonably unsafe actions. A strict liability tort imposes liability for particular actions, such as manufacturing a defective product that causes an injury, and does not take into account the mental state of the defendant.


    Our attorneys represent individuals in a wide range of torts claims, including:




       Invasion of Privacy


       Intentional infliction of emotional distress







       Product liability

       Tortious interference


    Our attorneys provide personalized attention and care to each of our clients, and prepare all of our cases as if they are going to trial, so we are well-equipped every step of the way.  We handle most tort and personal injury claims on a contingency basis, meaning you only ever pay a fee if you win.


  •    Whistleblower Protections

    Employees and other individuals with information about violations of various laws may be able to “blow the whistle” on those unlawful activities and also be protected by law from retaliation or receive a reward.


    Many whistleblower protections are specific to the particular industry and regulations related to it, and require action to be taken very quickly and before any whistleblowing takes place.  In some instances, individuals may be able to recover a reward for their assistance in subsequent investigations.  Some areas of law where there are whistleblower protections include:


       OSHA/Workplace Hazards

       New York State or U.S. Department of Labor Violations

       Tax Fraud against the Internal Revenue Service and/or the New York State Department of Finance

       Corporate Securities Fraud

       Fraud against the Federal Government

       Fraud against New York City or New York State


    If you think you fall under the “whistleblower” category, you should contact our office immediately to discuss your case and what protections, if any, might be available to you before you take action on your own.  To invoke whistleblower protection under all of the protected categories, individuals must precisely follow the procedural requirements set out in the laws.  We can help you navigate this process.

  •    Contract Disputes

    Contract disputes arise when one party to a contract accuses another party to the contract of breaching a duty or failing to fulfill an obligation mandated by the contract. When someone believes someone else has breached a contract between them, he or she may take action in civil court and seek compensation. Compensation is typically monetary and, if necessary, an order from the court directing the breaching party to perform the remainder of the contract.


    The attorneys at Lloyd Patel LLP offer counsel on all types of contract disputes, including ones that arise out of:


       Licensing agreements

       Loan commitments

       Employment contracts

       Construction contracts

       Shareholder agreements

       Non-compete agreements

       Confidentiality agreements

       Real estate contracts

       Trademark and copyright litigation



  •    Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

    Real estate law governs an individual’s rights and abilities to own, use and enjoy real property.  It also sets the requirements for and obligations of buying, selling and leasing property and what actions one can take if his or her property rights are violated by another person or entity.


    The attorneys at Lloyd Patel LLP can provide counsel to individuals with matters relating to real estate transactions, such as:


       Residential home sales transactions

       Real estate contracts

       Drafting or reviewing sales contracts

       Reviewing lending documents

       Real estate closings

       Negotiating real estate agreements

       Trespass or nuisance actions

       Landlord/Tenant actions

  •    Administrative Law

    Administrative law refers to the rules and procedures by which government agencies operate. Federal, state, and local governments create agencies to perform certain functions, and those agencies have regulations they follow.


    The attorneys at Lloyd Patel LLP provide counsel at all phases of the administrative process, whether it be an Article 78 action before trial or appellate court, or an internal agency review proceeding, we are equipped to advocate on on behalf  of our clients before any federal, state, and local agency, such as:


       United States Education Department

       New York State Education Department

       New York City Board of Education

       New York State Department of Labor

       New York State Office of Professions

       United States Office of Civil Rights

       United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency

       New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities

  •    Labor and Employment Laws and Regulations

    Labor and employment law is the area of law that governs the relationships between employers and employees. The law sets restrictions and guidelines for what employers and employees may do, creates protections for employees, and sets parameters for how businesses and other organizations may treat applicants for employment. Employers must keep up with changes in employment and labor law, and often have to provide notice, training, and accommodations to employees when new laws are passed.


    Our attorneys represent employers in a wide array of labor and employment matters, including:


       Non-Compete Covenants, Confidentiality Agreements, etc.

       Advice on compliance with local, state and federal labor and employment laws

       Employment contract negotiation and drafting

       Creation of employee handbooks, manuals and training programs


    Additionally, the attorneys at the Lloyd Patel LLP have extensive experience advising on corporate transactions and handling commercial litigation. We have successfully litigated in both Federal Courts (Second Circuit Court of Appeals, EDNY and SDNY) and State Courts, (NYS Court of Appeals, Appellate Divisions, Supreme Court and Civil Court), as well as administrative courts and arbitration tribunals.


    Examples of corporate transactions and litigation matters we handle include:


       Mergers & Acquisitions of closely held companies

       Formation and incorporation, joint venture agreements, as well as partnership formation and dissolution

       Trademarks and infringement

       Licensing and trade agreements

       Construction management agreements

       Shareholder agreements

       Mortgage and financing agreements

       Commercial leasing, real estate transactions and mortgage closings

       Long-term and day-to-day business operations


       Asset sales and acquisitions

       Private venture financing


    Our attorneys are also able to advise nonprofit entities of the specific issues they face in formation, tax compliance, and other matters.


  •    Business Formation and Licensing

    The attorneys at Lloyd Patel LLP are experienced in advising businesses through all stages of their formation, growth, and operation. We provide counsel to businesses of all sizes, corporations, non-profits, startups, and entrepreneurs, advising them on establishing themselves as entities, day-to-day operations, and expanding their enterprise.


    The range of advice our attorneys provide includes:


       Determining the right organizational structure (LLC, LLP, etc.)

       Actually forming and establishing the entity

       Handling all real estate matters

       Drafting partnership agreements

       Non-disclosure agreements and non-compete agreements

       Applying for tax-exempt status

       Drafting employee contracts

       Creating employee handbooks and training

       Partnership agreements


  •    Business and Commercial Litigation

    The attorneys at Lloyd Patel LLP are able to provide expert counsel in nearly any facet of commercial and business litigation. We only take on cases we know we have the energy and resources to handle, and because we give such individualized, detailed attention to every case we take on, our clients can be confident that their claims are being managed efficiently and effectively. We prepare every case as if it is going to trial, so we are well-equipped every step of the way—whether that means negotiating the best possible settlement, or confidently litigating a judgment.


    Some of the areas of business litigation our attorneys can provide counsel on are:


       Breach of contract

       Breach of fiduciary duty

       Shareholder disputes

       Partnership disputes

       Commercial landlord-tenant disputes

       Employment disputes

       Business torts

       Other disputes arising out of a commercial setting


  •    Copyright and Trademark Litigation

    Copyright law and trademark law are designed to protect forms of intellectual property applicable to any expressible form of an idea or information that is substantive and discrete.


    Copyright laws protect the rights of the creator of an original work by granting the creator exclusive rights to copy, display and publish the work, as well as the right to determine who can use, adapt, perform, or financially benefit from the work.


    A trademark is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization or other legal entity to identify for consumers that the products or services on or with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities.  It is typically a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image or combination of these elements, but can sometimes also be a color, smell or sound.


    Our attorneys represent individuals, businesses, designers, artists and others with regard to the following:


       Understanding the rights that accompany copyrighted material and trademarks

       Registration with the appropriate state and federal agencies

       Monitoring use of copyrighted and trademarked works

       Enforcing the rights guaranteed by copyright and trademark, through litigation and negotiation

       Drafting intellectual property contracts for artists, designers and others


  •    Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

    Real estate law relates to the rights to possess, use and enjoy land and the permanent attachments to it, such as houses, apartments, offices, and commercial shops.  Real estate law governs an individual or corporate entity’s capacity to hold interests in real property, permissible interests in real property, relations between owners, relations between owners and the community, landlord and tenant relations, the transfer of interests in real property, and real property financing, including deeds and mortgages.


    Our attorneys provide general counsel and litigation services to Cooperative Boards, Condominium Associations and Management Companies on matters involving:


       Shareholder elections

       Annual meetings

       Compliance with regulatory agreements and municipal benefits

       Loan financing

       Apartment sales and transfers

       Co-op and condo offering plans

       Landlord-Tenant issues

       Commercial and residential leases


  •    Administrative and Regulatory Law

    Administrative law governs the administration and regulation of government agencies (federal, state, and local). Created by Congress (or the state/local legislature), it encompasses the rules and procedures under which these agencies operate.


    Our attorneys provide counsel in all stages of the administrative process, ranging from internal agency reviews to litigation services in the form of Article 78 actions before trial and appellate courts. Our attorneys represent clients before city, state and federal administrative agencies, such as:


       United States Department of Labor

       New York State Department of Labor

       New York State Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

       New York City Department of Buildings

       New York City Department of Finance


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